Greta Lately

While I’m glad to not have the (self-imposed) pressure of monthly updates, Greta is in this wonderful stage of development so I want to capture all the adorable highlights. In a stream of consciousness order, here they are:

– At her 15-month check up (August 18th) she weighed 22 lbs, 15 oz (74th percentile). She’s now 31.25 inches tall (74th percentile) and her head is 18.5 inches around (83rd percentile). She’s following the growth curve appropriately so her pediatrician told us we can skip the 18-month appointment and come back when she’s two (2!!!! T.W.O. I can hardly imagine my little baby turning 2!).


– Still isn’t an adventurous eater, but she is a hearty eater, in that she eats well when offered things in her approved flavor palette. We sneak in veggies through the tot pouches, but she otherwise loves a lot of standard kid foods – we just succeeded in getting her to eat Annie’s Bunny Mac and Cheese, so that feels like a huge win. She also enjoys feeding herself with a fork or spoon. She’s successful in getting food to her mouth about 33% of the time, but it occupies her for awhile so we let her have at it.




– Favorite toys are books. This makes my mommy heart happy beyond words. She’ll spend 10 minutes (which equates to hours in toddler attention span) flipping through pages and looking at pictures. She also loves it when we read to her which is probably why…

– Language development is happening SO fast. I’ve been meaning to post this for two weeks now and in that time she’s learned five more words. The first word she ever repeated was “ChaCha” (which is hilarious because ChaCha still isn’t Greta’s #1 fan) and the first word(s) she said with purpose are “all done.” She also says: hi, bye, book, uh oh, baby, ball, oh boy, hippo, apple, hat, owww, open, Elmo (more on that in a minute), Dada (intentionally, and also intentionally refuses to say mama even though I’ve heard her say it), and bobo (belly button).

– We’ve also been preparing her for Christmas:

– Knows three ASL signs: please, more and open.

– Can point to her nose and belly button. We’re currently working on ears.

– Primarily in 18-24 month clothing, although with the summer stuff we’re pushing the limits of a few 12-18 month items.

– Still roughly sleeping 11 1/2 hours a night (with a few interruptions here and there) and any where from an hour nap at day care to a two hour nap at home on the weekends.

– Love, loves, LOVES to be on the go, especially outside. We try to get outside to play everyday and she screams when we try to bring her in. We’re so glad the park is just a short walk a way.



– Also loves to dance. Be still my heart while watching her dance with Daddy:

– Loves to “help.” Will unload all the silverware out of the dishwasher and wants to carry ChaCha’s leash when we go for walks.

– Will only brush her teeth if we play the Elmo tooth brushing song. She gets VERY excited about it and will yell “Elmo! Elmo! Elmo!” if I’m taking too long to get the video queued up.

– Her little personality is really starting to emerge. She loves a party and an audience – she really is quite the ham.


How can you not love a face like that?

(We sure as hell do!)